Houseboats for Rent in Sausalito

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Sausalito Houseboats for Rent

We do not have any ads for houseboat rentals at this time.

Houseboat Owners:  We offer affordable full-page houseboat rental listings with multiple photos, and is the largest Sausalito website in the world.  To place an ad at an affordable rate, please contact us!


Renting a Houseboat 

Note:  We offer advertising space to people who rent houseboats, but we do not operate a rental service and do not do bookings.

A wide variety of Sausalito houseboats are rented out to visitors, including both historic boat conversions and modern architectural floating homes.

Most Sausalito houseboat rentals will cost about the same per night as a small suite in a nice San Francisco hotel, or about $300-$500; larger homes will command even higher rates.  There are a few smaller houseboats that can go for less.

Sizes usually range from two to four bedrooms with one to three bathrooms, and rentals will generally sleep four to ten people.  Weekly and monthly rentals are proportionately less expensive, and you can negotiate pices more often with longer time commitments.

As you’d expect, the summer months are the most expensive time to rent, and rates are lower over the winter.  Many owners will require minimum stay dirations during the high volume months.

September and October can offer the best local weather, and if you can schedule your trip in early autumn you may get great weather and great prices.

Almost all houseboat rentals are done by private party owners.  Expect to pay a security deposit and cleaning fee in addition to the rental price, as you would with a vacation condo.

See our Sausalito Houseboats page for more information about Sausalito’s historic floating home community.

Insider Tip:  When dealing with houseboat owners it’s considered a sign of respect by some to refer to them as Floating Homes.  Some owners don’t care, but for those who do you’ll score points for warmth.  Our favorite term remains that of one young family member: “Boat Houses!”



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