The 1916 Charles Van Damme Ferryboat Paddlewheel & SteamStack

The Charles Van Damme Paddlewheel and Steamstack Ferryboat artifacts are proud to represent the maritime history that Sausalito is known for. Their Steamstack and Paddlewheel Wooden Boat
Tour Float won 1st Place in the Sausalito 4th of July
Parade!  Hopeful
that earning 1st place in the parade turned a new leaf for the
Charles Van Damme, the CVDP&S is asking you to ensure that the history
lives on by donating through the Richardson’s Bay Maritime Assoc. You can
donate at the bottom of this page
. The last day to donate is this Friday, August 9th.


Here is a video of the CVDP&S Wooden Boat Tour Float:



What’s so special about the CVDP&S is that they have
been an effort to gather historical materials and knowledge of the 1916 Charles
Van Damme Ferryboat. They organize them into films, exhibits, and songs to
promote fundraisers for the sake of history. The Paddlewheel and Steamstack
have been kept in Waldo Point Park, Gate 6 Rd to provide real artifacts as a historical
exhibit near the Sausalito waterfront for an educational look at Sausalito.

Unfortunately, the cause has not yet received news regarding
the securing of their location in the park. Without a new place to go in lieu
of the park, the collections that represent maritime history in Marin County
have a bleak future. Donations (tax deductible) are greatly appreciated.

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