Thieves Try to Tow Classic Car and Blaze Away, Burn Rubber Instead

Classic Car 1


Update: Thanks to Austin Peterson on Facebook for identifying the car as a 1956 Packard Clipper, though we had almost gone for the close-but-not-the-same Hudson Hornet  Austion reports that the car squatted when picked up because of its tortion bar suspension. The only one we found listed on ebay, which had been modernized with airbags, is going for $19,900.

We don't normally cover this kind of Sausalito event, but our Editor, Miss T, was out for a walk this lovely morning and came across the scene above. Sausalito Police were examining the aftermath of thieves trying to tow away a classic car that has been parked with a For Sale sign near Marinship Park for the last few weeks.

The thieves failed to account for the old car's parking brake and the fact that its rear end had come to rest on the sidewalk due to lower tire pressure.  As a result they left a scrape mark on the sidewalk (shown below), not to mention damage to the car, and a curving pair of high-contrast rubber tire tracks leading a few feet to the "stolen" vehicle.

The car was far from home, judging from its Idaho plates, but this may set a record for "shortest distance between site of auto theft and site of auto recovery" in Sausalito!  


Classic Car 2

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