Featured Artist: Barry Peterson


Artists of OurSausalito: Barry Peterson   "Happens When Alone" -- Painting by Sausalito Artist Barry Peterson.  Artist Bio is below. Our Featured Artist: Barry Peterson Sausalito Artist Barry Peterson says, "It is hard to describe the thing that binds together the work of an artist, architect and … [Read more...]

Featured Artist: Victoria Colella


Artists of OurSausalito: Victoria Colella  "Sausalito Yacht Club" -- Painting by Sausalito Artist Victoria Colella.  Artist Bio is below.Our Featured Artist: Victoria ColellaVictoria Colella of Sausalito works from the heart of the Sausalito waterfront inside the old WWII shipyard, and shares her perspectives … [Read more...]

Featured Artist: Leslie Allen


Artists of OurSausalito: Leslie Allen  "China Gates" -- Oil on canvas by Sausalito Artist Leslie Allen.  Artist Bio is below.Our Featured Artist: Leslie AllenOriginally from New Mexico and Texas, Sausalito resident Leslie Allen has been an artist in the ICB Building for over 20 years.  Her large abstract oil paintings … [Read more...]

Featured Artist: Evaristo Buendia


"Sausalito Morning" photo by Evaristo Buendia.  Artist Bio is below. Evaristo "Vari" Buendia-Carrera was born in Mexico City and studied Graphic Design and Communications at La Academia de San Carlos, the School of Fine Arts at the University of Mexico. After graduating with a B.A. in Art, he became a teacher of silk … [Read more...]

Featured Artist: Sabine Stetson


  "Bubble" -- Photograph by Sausalito Artist Sabine Stetson.  Artist Bio is below. Our Featured Artist: Sabine Stetson The work of Sausalito Photographer and Digital Artist Sabine Stetson covers a wide palette of emotions.  Born in Germany and a Sausalito resident for over 30 years, Sabine has engaged in passionate … [Read more...]