Sausalito Houseboats Guide 2016

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Mid BorderTake your own walking tour of the Sausalito houseboats, plus historical information about the floating homes community and some of its most famous vessels.Mid BorderEach year the Floating Homes Association puts on a tour of selected houseboats, allowing you to see the interiors and appreciate the architectural artistry of many of these homes.Mid Border  The Taj Mahal houseboat is one of the two most famous floating homes in Sausalito, and sits by itself at the end of a Sausalito yacht harbor close to the Ferry pier.Mid BorderThe most famous -- and notorious floating home in the brilliant and dramatic history of the Sausalito waterfront. We have the whole story on its history, and where you can visit it today.Mid BorderHouseboats for Rent in SausalitoMid BorderHouseboats for Sale in SausalitoMid Border








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