Super Yacht Harmony May Not Be So Harmonious in Sausalito


Miss T. and I were walking near Schoonmaker Beach Thursday morning and caught a glimpse of a really large yacht going by the mouth of the harbor.   With some big sailboats anchored in the foreground it was hard to tell its relative size, but then I realized it was different.  It wasn't just long, it had an extra deck with picture windows between the pilothouse … [Read more...]

Sausalito’s Labor Day Super-Yacht is the Luna


  Update: If you missed Luna yesterday, this morning (August 31, 2013) it skirted Alcatraz and Angel Island, then sailed up under the Carquinez and Martinez bridges into the delta and then turned back along the same course. As of 4:30 PM they arrived back off Sausalito, but then sailed out the Golden Gate and south to anchor off Santa Barbara and then off Marina Del Rey … [Read more...]

The Super Yacht off Sausalito is Musashi, Owned by Larry Ellison


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