Dentists in Sausalito

Note: Our editors do not have personal experience with any of these offices, and we offer a what we believe is a complete list of Sausalito dentists as a convenience to assist people in evaluating and choosing a local office.  If you see a name omitted for a dentist who practices in Sausalito, please let us know.  Non-Sausalito-based offices may advertise on the site, but we only offer free basic listings to home-town Sausalito dentists.


Dr. Lawrence Brownstein, 30 Caledonia St., Sausalito  415-332-2458

Dr. Bruce Davey, 30 Caledonia St., #B, Sausalito  415-332-4011

Dr. Jamison Gate, 10 Liberty Ship Way, #108, Sausalito.  415-332-1411

Dr. Patrick Lee, 107 Caledonia St., Suite I, Sausalito  415-331-5656

Dr. John Pieraccini, 30 Caledonia St., Sausalito  415-332-1414

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