Sausalito Houseboats Guide 2021

See the Sausalito Houseboats

An introduction to the Floating Homes Community and Where to Find the Houseboats

Quicksilver “What About Me” houseboat album cover, 1970 (Click to enlarge)

See the Taj Mahal Houseboat

One of our grandest and most famous houseboats is within walking distance of downtown Sausalito

The Forbes Island Houseboat

Now a Pier 39 restaurant, it started life as an infamous Sausalito houseboat

Houseboats for Sale in Sausalito

NEW LISTING! Sausalito has a diverse mix of floating homes

The 2019 Sausalito Floating Home Tour

It takes place on just one September day, and it always sells out

Houseboats for Rent in Sausalito

Think of it as a test drive!


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