Sausalito Real Estate 2021


Houseboats for Sale in Sausalito

Floating homes in Sausalito can be more affordable than you might think. Over the last ten years our listings have spanned the range from a below-median Sausalito home price to a large $2.8 million floating home with multiple decks and a variety of stunning views.

Homes for Sale in Sausalito

From cottages on cul-de-sacs to mansions on the mountain

Houseboats for Rent in Sausalito

What better place to write The Great American Novel?

Homes for Rent in Sausalito

From a condo on the corner to the big house on the Hill

Sausalito Earthquake Safety & Liquefaction Risk Areas Map

Check the risk level for any block in town

Sausalito Tsunami and Rising Seas Risk Areas Map

Evaluate rising seas risk and tsunami risk for any property

Sausalito Flood Zones Map

Map and links to check the risk level anywhere in Sausalito

Apartments for Rent in Sausalito

Find anything from a sweet studio to a 2-bedroom at altitude

Realtors and Real Estate Agents in Sausalito

A complete list of Sausalito-based agents

Offices for Rent in Sausalito

We might be your neighbors!

Vacation Properties for Rent in Sausalito

You could use a break!




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