Golden Gate Transit Routes from Sausalito to San Francisco SoMa Change on Monday


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The growth of hi-tech office jobs in San Francisco's SoMa district has driven an expansion of Golden Gate Transit bus service, but it comes with a few complications. We advise that you check your usual route schedule to see if it's being changed if you travel into SoMa.

Here's the pattern we've been used to:

  • The last two southbound stops on Routes 10, 70 and 80 into San Francisco (which pass through either downtown Sausalito or the Spencer Bus Pad based upon the route and the time of day) have been at 1st & Mission in San Francisco, fiollowed by 8th & Folsom.
  • Route 2 through downtown Sausalito and Route 4 that stops at Spencer Ave. en route to the Financial District also then proceeded on into SoMa and down to 8th & Folsom.
  • Route 92 that runs through downtown Sausalito and then along Geary Blvd. in San Francisco  to reach the Financial District also continued down to 8th & Folsom.
  • The 7th & Folsom stop served as the beginning of the northbound versions of those same routes.

Beginning this coming Monday, February 24, Golden Gate Transit is doing two things:

1.  Adding a 4th & Folsom stop to the routes that currently come through Sausalito (and others) down to 8th and Folsom, effectively splitting the considerable distance between 1st and Mission and 8th & Folsom with a new stop.  This should cut walking distances for a lot of people whose offices are closer to Yerba Buena Gardens than to the Financial District or the 8th & Townsend area.

2.  They're making that new 4th & Folsom stop the southern end of the SoMa commute routes, and adding a shuttle service labeled Route 91 to carry passengers (at no additional charge) from there down to 8th & Folsom (southbound) and up from 7th & Folsom (northbound).  If you ride all the way to 8th & Folsom this will add an extra transfer to your trip, and the Route 91 shuttle runs only during commute hours.

During the morning commute hours (7:40 AM to 9:20 AM) the new Route 91 will run every 20 minutes from the 4th & Folsom stop down to the 8th & Folsom stop, and riders get to continue their trips on the shuttle at no extra charge.

During the evening commute (3:30 PM to 6:30 PM) Route 91 will run every 20 minutesfrom the 7th & Folsom stop to the Perry & 3rd Street stop, where you can transfer to your regular commute bus for the rest of the ride home.

The Bridge District is looking for feedback on the changes and will be monitoring ridership to tune the timing and routing of the new schedule.

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