Sausalito Art Galleries

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Sausalito Art Galleries

If you love art you can spend a day wandering along the 8 to 10 block stretch of Bridgeway and Caledonia St. where most galleries are located, and there are great restaurants and wine tasting rooms along the way.

We list the galleries below by neighborhood (south to north)  to guide your walk. Prices will range from a few dollars for small items to thousands of dollars for the work of well-known artists. Every art medium you can think of will be represented.


Local Sausalito Artists

Q:  “The galleries are great, but they sell work from all over the world and I hear there are great local artists.  Where can we see their work?”

That’s why all the international galleries came here: Sausalito is associated with a long tradition of top professional artists.

Our local artists’ work is featured at Gallery 111 (from the ICB Artists Association), at Studio 333, and the artist-owned Tapia Art Gallery.   Sausalito continues to draw talented people with its reputation as an art center: prominent surrealist painter Daniel Merriam (see Bubble St. Gallery below) moved here several years ago.


Sausalito Art Galleries:  Bridgeway Promenade

Capture Fine Art, covers fine art and photograpy; 589 Bridgeway, Sausalito CA 94965, Phone 415-331-7031

Galerie Judith Engelstad focuses on fine art, glass art and estate art.  If you’re looking for traditional pieces this is a great place to go, and they also feature a range of styles and works so it isn’t all from the classics file; 539 Bridgeway, Sausalito CA 94965, Phone 415-331-1753

The Art of Tim Cantor focuses on the work of Northern California-born artist Tim Cantor, particularly paintings in oil;  599-B Bridgeway, Sausalito CA 94965, Phone 415-332-3916


Sausalito Art Galleries:  Downtown & Ferry Pier

Bacchus and Venus —  This shop combines a wine tasting room with an art gallery, so you can appeal to two of your senses at the same time!

Bubble St. Gallery —  Sausalito surrealist artist Daniel Merriam has transformed not just a storefront but a building to show his works.  Although he moved here just a few years ago, Merriam has an international reputation as a painter.  565 Bridgeway, Sausalito CA 94965, Phone 415-339-0506

Burlwood Gallery —  Burlwood furniture, collectible porcelain, Department 56 and other items.  721 Bridgeway, Sausalito CA 94965, Phone 415-332-6550.

Fine Art Etc.,  offers a wide range of artists, with  bronzes and oils and a special selection of Italian  paintings on glass; 686 Bridgeway, Sausalito CA 94965, Phone 415-332-1107

Galerie Elektra, a major downtown gallery focused exclusively on original fine art from around the world.  We get sidetracked looking in their front windows even when we’re in a hurry as we walk by; 668 Bridgeway, Sausalito CA 94965, Phone 415-331-3332

Hanson Gallery Fine Art,  a large downtown gallery, sometimes referred to by people as “the place twith the license plate map in the front window.”  Although they have a diverse portfolio  we especially like the selection of landscapes here, and they often have striking sculpture; 669 Bridgeway, Sausalito CA 04065, Phone 415-332-1815

Isn’t That Life, which you may miss just walking by, features the unique work of Connie Pecoraro.  Her lively illustrations of her beloved character “No Name Girl” have inspired both artists and copycats around the world, but Pecoraro is a true original.

Mark Reuben Gallery, historic photos from the news, sports and entertainment, 34 Princess St., Sausalito CA 94965, Phone 415-332-8815

Petri’s Fine Arts, on the site of the former Fingerhut Gallery, offers a wide range of watercolors, oils, bronzes, glass works and prints.  We are not art professionals, but Petri’s selection (we’re happy to say) reminds us of the Fingerhut years in this same location; 690 Bridgeway,Sausalito CA 94965, Phone 415-332-2225

Scrimshaw Gallery is unique in town in its sole focus on nautical art, including scrimshaw, sculpture, paintings and prints, knives and other collectibles;  30 Princess St., Sausalito CA 94965, Phone 415-331-1409

Wilderness Collection Gallery shows the work of nature photographer Rodney Lough Jr., rendered in especially prepared prints.  The work here gets reactions of all kinds but seldom leaves anyone without strong feelings.  What excites some people: the images leap off the wall in vibrant colors and are simply striking.  You can hear people going “Wow!” as they walk through the space.  What turns off some people: the combimation of digital processing, special printing methods and materials (and good lighting) produces a technology-enhanced interpretation of the beauty of nature instead of a simple recording of the vistas;  8 Princess St., Sausalito CA 94965, Phone 415-331-2954


Sausalito Art Galleries:  Caledonia St.

Inside Asia is the major choice in town if you’re looking for Asian antiques, sculpture or furniture pieces, and they also have affordable items including fashion accessories, artwork, textiles, jewelry, and clothing.  They also do restoration and repair of Asian pieces, the original service that spawned the launch of the store.  When you walk in here you feel like you’re already a world away; 42 Caledonia St., Sausalito CA 94965, Phone 415-331-3520

John Wilmer Art Gallery offers an eclectic mix of oils and watercolors, along with antiques, and they also do restoration and repair work.  We have a hard time walking by on Caledonia without sticking our heads in or considering the latest interesting antique they’re showing on the sidewalk.  The Wilmer Studio is at the heart of the Studio 333 building (see below);  333 Caledonia St., Suite B, Sausalito CA 94965, Phone 415-331-3037

Robert Allen Fine Art provides a counterpoint to the high-volume downtown studios, and is worth the extra walk up to Caledonia St.  Allen cycles different works through the space every few weeks, and we like dropping by to see what theme he’ll cover.  Don’t care for what’s there?  Come back in a few weeks and your favorite painting of all time may be here; 301 Caledonia St., Sausalito CA 94965, Phone 415-331-2800

Studio 333, a collection of collaborating artists, some of whom have studios on site. The mix here changes regularly, and this is also the venue for the “Why There are Words” poetry readings and other local literary events; 333 Caledonia St., Sausalito, CA 94965, Phone 415-331-8272


Sausalito Art Galleries:  Northern Sausalito

ICB Artists Association and Gallery 111 could count as one gallery or as 100. The ICB Artists represents a large group of artists with studios in the ICB Building, and their work is shown on site at Gallery 111 as well as in individual studios in the building. If you wander their website and see something interesting just call the artist — the odds are high that they’ll have work for sale on exhibit in their studio and will welcome you.  We’re not big-budget customers and we’ve been treated with real warmth when visiting studios here.  Artists whose studios are regularly open include Kay Carlson, Elaine Gentile, Elizabeth Brownrigg, Sharon Cottrell, Jack Beck. JD Wilson, Dana Draper & Ingrid Butler and Suzie Buchholz, and there are many others as well.  Several have been featured on our Artists of pages; 480 Gate Five Road, Sausalito CA 94965, Phone 415-331-2222.

Tapia Art Gallery, (formerly on Princess St. for 31+ years), Rosemary Tapia’s watercolors and Bob Tapia’s seascapes and abstract paitings in oil, shown by appointment. They’re also very warm and welcoming people, which is good since I for one am hesitant to call and make an appointment to go to an art gallery since I don’t know in advance that I’ll buy anything and I don’t have the budget to be a collector. Nevertheless, they have always made me feel welcome, going back years before I started writing for OurSausalito.  Phone 415-332-6177 to schedule an appointment.



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