List of Bus Routes Impacted by Strike Friday (and We’re looking for a new office in Sausalito!)

  We want to remind everyone who commutes into San Francisco that a one-day bus strike has been called by Golden Gate Transit unions for this Friday, October 17, 2014. There have been spot outages from sickouts affecting a few routes in recent weeks, but this is a full system strike for the day. Expect the ferry parking lots and commute hour sailings to be more full than … [Read more...]

Wellington’s Wine Bar Closing after Sunday Oct. 5 Due to Lost Lease

      In the six years we've operated a number of restaurants have closed and new ones have opened. Some of the closures have been places we visited regularly. But only in 2014 have we seen two restaurants that consistently rank in the Top 10 on our dining lists close. First it was Rossetti's on Caledonia (which was sold to a new … [Read more...]

Marinship Way by Bay Model Closed for 4+ Weeks of Repairs


  The US Army Corps of Engineers and the City of Sausalito have temporarily closed the stretch of Marinship Way between Testa Street and Liberty Ship Way in Sausalito (see map below) for the next several weeks for road repairs and restriping as they prepare for this year's Sausalito Art Festival.   Work began on July 14, and the Corps of Engineers is paying for … [Read more...]

Thieves Try to Tow Classic Car and Blaze Away, Burn Rubber Instead


  Update: Thanks to Austin Peterson on Facebook for identifying the car as a 1956 Packard Clipper, though we had almost gone for the close-but-not-the-same Hudson Hornet  Austion reports that the car squatted when picked up because of its tortion bar suspension. The only one we found listed on ebay, which had been modernized with airbags, is going for $19,900. We … [Read more...]