Raw Sewage Overflow Signs Appear Along Bay in Sausalito

Sewer Med

    This sign certainly caught our attention this morning here in Sausalito. Apparently this latest rain triggered some kind of sewer overflow or malfunction in the Sausalito sewer treatment system, which may have been worsened by the simultaneous king tides. As locals know, the system is old and, although it is going through a steady series of upgrades, … [Read more...]

Tues.-Weds. Rains, King Tides through Thanksgiving Create Flood Threat in Sausalito

Flooded Med

  If you're in one of the low-lying parts of Sausalito (and your home doesn't float) we wanted to pass along an alert we received from the County. This particular storm is not a big one but will generate moderate levels of rain at its height. It's taking place on the same two days, November 24-25, when we will be getting King Tides this fall, especially high tides … [Read more...]

List of Bus Routes Impacted by Strike Friday (and We’re looking for a new office in Sausalito!)

  We want to remind everyone who commutes into San Francisco that a one-day bus strike has been called by Golden Gate Transit unions for this Friday, October 17, 2014. There have been spot outages from sickouts affecting a few routes in recent weeks, but this is a full system strike for the day. Expect the ferry parking lots and commute hour sailings to be more full than … [Read more...]

Wellington’s Wine Bar Closing after Sunday Oct. 5 Due to Lost Lease

      In the six years we've operated OurSausalito.com a number of restaurants have closed and new ones have opened. Some of the closures have been places we visited regularly. But only in 2014 have we seen two restaurants that consistently rank in the Top 10 on our dining lists close. First it was Rossetti's on Caledonia (which was sold to a new … [Read more...]