2015 Christmas Dinner in Sausalito: Restaurants Serving on December 25

  It happens to everybody at least once in a while:  it's Christmas but for some reason you're not able to cook or to travel to be with family, you're stuck in the middle of a trip you can't cancel, or you just want to opt out of the melee of Christmas in the usual location. Where in heck can you go out to eat on that most closed-up of holidays? In our … [Read more...]

Sausalito Christmas Tree Lot Opens, Benefits Robin Sweeny Park

2015 Xmas Lot

  2015 Sausalito Christmas Tree Lot Where:  Dunphy Park, corner of Bridgeway and Litho St., Sausalito CA 94965  (See Map Below). Neighborhood: Caledonia St. and New Town. Look for the sign that says "Sausalito Farms." When:  November 28 - December 24, 2015, Opens at Noon Monday-Friday,  Saturday-Sunday at 11:00 AM   Sausalito's 2015 Christmas Tree Lot at … [Read more...]

Raw Sewage Overflow Signs Appear Along Bay in Sausalito

Sewer Med

    This sign certainly caught our attention this morning here in Sausalito. Apparently this latest rain triggered some kind of sewer overflow or malfunction in the Sausalito sewer treatment system, which may have been worsened by the simultaneous king tides. As locals know, the system is old and, although it is going through a steady series of upgrades, … [Read more...]

Tues.-Weds. Rains, King Tides through Thanksgiving Create Flood Threat in Sausalito

Flooded Med

  If you're in one of the low-lying parts of Sausalito (and your home doesn't float) we wanted to pass along an alert we received from the County. This particular storm is not a big one but will generate moderate levels of rain at its height. It's taking place on the same two days, November 24-25, when we will be getting King Tides this fall, especially high tides … [Read more...]