Golden Gate Bridge Visitors Guide 2016

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The Golden Gate Bridge Address to Give your GPS: The Bridge’s official address is “Golden Gate Bridge, California” because it sits in two different counties, San Francisco to the south and Marin County to the north. The north tower sits in Sausalito’s 94965 zip code but the south tower is submerged in 110 feet of water within the San Francisco city limits.  Most GPS systems have the Bridge as a Point of Interest (POI), and this is usually the easiest way to enter it into your car’s navigation system. When you drive across the Bridge your GPS displays a roadway completely surrounded by blue water.

Unlike many major bridges of the world, the Golden Gate Bridge was designed to be visited by people on foot or on bikes as well as by people driving cars.  There are parking lots at both ends of the Bridge that offer the same views you see in many of the most famous Golden Gate Bridge photos and in scenes from the movies. One view area is very dramatically called “Vista Point” while its counterpart on the other end of the bridge is called the “Southeast Parking Lot and Strauss Plaza“, with no official reference to the fact that it also serves as a South Vista Point other than a single single for a GGNRA Viewing Area.

How long is the Golden Gate Bridge?  Click here for the answer! You’ll also learn a bunch of other interesting statistics about the Bridge.

You can walk across the Bridge on a broad sidewalk or ride across it on your bike, and there is no toll or fee for doing so.  We have all the details for planning your visit — just click on the subject buttons below.

Insider Tip: Fort Point, located just below the south end of the Golden Gate Bridge, is a civil war era fort that offers fabulous views of the Bay and the Bridge, and serves as the 19th century American equivalent of Elsinore Castle in Denmark. Best of all, there’s no charge for admission!


Mid BorderBike the Golden Gate Bridge and Return to SF on the Sausalito FerryMid Border Walk Across the Golden Gate BridgeMid Border Parking Lots at the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Insider Secrets on How to Reach The One That Only The Locals Know About Mid Border Walk from the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito and Take the Ferry back to SFMid Border How to get to the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, the East Bay, the North Bay and the Wine CountryMid Border Bike Access to the Golden Gate Bridge, including which side of the bridge sidewalks you can ride on, hours when the bridge sidewalks are open and how to bike the bridge after hoursMid Border Golden Gate Bridge Tolls, how to sign up for FasTrak and License Plate Accounts, and information for rental car driversMid Border Guide to signing up for and using the FasTrak systemMid Border What to expect from the weather when you visit the Golden Gate Bridge, and what to wear when you go thereMid Border


Still more links!

Golden Gate Bridge Traffic Secrets!  Just don’t tell my neighbors I shared this with you.

Fort Point beneath the Golden Gate Bridge, a fascinating (and free) trip back in time to the era of the American Civil War, with a unique view of the Bridge.

Battery Spencer above the Golden Gate Bridge, one of the finest Bridge viewing spots you’ll find and part of the old coastal defense system for the Golden Gate.

Vista Point on the Golden Gate Bridge, located at the border with Sausalito on the northern end of the Bridge.

Strauss Plaza and South Vista Point at the Southeast Parking Lot, located on the San Francisco side of the Bridge.

The Robin Williams Rainbow Tunnel north of the Bridge, renamed for the local actor and comedian in 2015.

Golden Gate Bridge Gift Shop and Welcome Center, located at Strauss Plaza at the southern end of the Bridge.

Statistics on the length, height and width of the Golden Gate Bridge



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