Best Sausalito Cafes, Deli’s & Diners 2016

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The Best Sausalito Cafes, Deli’s &  Diners

Autumn, 2016 — What are the best restaurants in Sausalito?  Twice each year we survey a wide range of blogs, travel sites, online forums and ratings sites, then create this ranking of Sausalito Cafes, Diners and Deli’s.  You can read about our methodology and how to read the charts here, and you’ll find our list of The Best Dinner and Lunch Restaurants here..

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Rank Restaurant Name Score Heat Cuisine
This  Last This  Last  
1  4   Fred’s Coffee Shop
100  95 501   Coffee Shop
2  1   Driver’s Market Deli
97  100 144   Deli
3  3   Napa Valley Burger Co.
95  97 646   Burgers
4  5   Lighthouse Cafe
94  93 339   Danish Diner
5  6   Sausalito Gourmet Deli
92  92 104   Greek Deli
6  10   Sausalito Bakery & Cafe
90  89 720   Cafe
6  17   Golden Gate Mkt. Deli
90  83 71   Deli
6  8   Davey Jones Deli
90  90 342   Deli
9  13   Bayside Cafe 89  87 114   Cafe
9  7   Lappert’s Ice Cream*
89  93 396   Ice Cream
9  10   Cibo
89  91 256   Italian
12  8   Hamburgers
87  88 249   Flame Grill
12  12   Venice Gourmet Deli
87  90 113   Deli
14  13   Anchorage 5
86  87 63   Mex.-American
14  16   Salsalito Taco Shop
86  83 432   Mexican
16  13   Louie’s Delicatessen
83  87 25   Deli
17  17   Muir Woods Trading Co. Cafe**
82  83 80   Cafe
18  —   Bridgeway Cafe
79  — 162   Cafe
19  —   Fish & Chips of Sausalito
78  — 128   Fish & Chips
19  —   Venice Pizzeria
78  — 24   Pizza
19  19   Cafe Tutti 78  81 129   Cafe
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Wasn’t Philz #1 on this list last time? They were, but they closed in October due to lease problems and it’s unclear if, when or where they will reopen in the area.

Scores are more important than rank on these charts, since many restaurants are tied with others on the list and a restaurant may rise or fall by five to ten slots based on “the curve” and a small score change. Assume that restaurants that are grouped together within a few points on the survey are offering experiences of similar quality, and don’t worry about small score differences.

* Lappert’s is an ice cream shop and you can’t get any other food groups there (yes, ice cream is a food group!), but we felt that omitting it from this list would be a greater disservice to our readers than including it since it’s a popular snack stop in town for both locals and visitors.

** The Muir Woods Trading Co. Cafe is in Muir Woods, which is part of our coverage area. We include the Alcatraz Landing Cafe as part of our Alcatraz coverage, since Alcatraz and Sausalito are frequently combined on visitors’ itineraries.

*** We list the Golden Gate Bridge’s Round House Cafe and Golden Gate Bridge Cafe as part of our complete coverage of the Bridge, one end of which is in Sausalito’s 94965 zip code. Purists will note that the Round House and Bridge Cafe are on the opposite end of the Bridge, but we elected to not discriminate and include them anyway.

Not Listed: The following diners, cafes and deli’s in Sausalito did not make the Top 20 or are not listed since we do not have sufficient survey data to include them:

7 Eleven

Alcatraz Landing Cafe **

—  Bridgeway Bagel

—  Golden Gate Bridge Cafe (Golden Gate Bridge)***

—  Mollie Stones Deli

—  Round House Cafe (Golden Gate Bridge)***

—  Starbucks (Downtown)

—  Starbucks (Marin City)

—  Subway Sandwich


The leading restaurant on our list will always receive a score of 100, and all other restaurants will be scored on that curve.  You can click here for How to Read our Restaurant Charts.






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