Lighthouse Cafe

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    Lighthouse Cafe

 1311 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA 94965  (See Map Below)
Phone: 415-331-3034

Neighborhood:  Caledonia St. (New Town).  Website is here.    Menus are here.  Page with directions and map showing nearby parking is here.  Open for breakfast and lunch.  Free street parking nearby, plus city lots.

Insiders Tip:  Check out our special page on Parking Near Caledonia St. Without Getting a Ticket.  It explains how to avoid the no-parking zones that catch some visitors by surprise.
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Trophy 50px jpg #4 overall on the OurSausalito Best Lunch Restaurants List for Autumn, 2016
Trophy 50px jpg #1 (Tied) on the List of the Best Breakfast restaurants in Sausalito, 2016
Trophy 50px jpgNamed to the Most Romantic Restaurants List for 2016
Trophy 50px jpgNamed to the Best “Secret” Local Restaurants List for 2016
Burger 50 px Named to the List of the Best Burgers in Sausalito, 2016
 Trophy 50px jpgNamed to the Best Sandwiches in Sausalito List for 2016
Trophy 50px jpg Three-time winner, Best Cafe, Diner or Deli on the Best Breakfast and Lunch Restaurants List, 2008-2016.


Lighthouse Cafe

Every fishing village needs a lighthouse, and we’re lucky to have this one.  Lighthouse Cafe proudly positions itself as a Danish cafe, which is a pretty good start since an entire class of breakfast items in our culture are referred to as “Danish.”  This place has been here for generations, and feels very much the same as it did back in the 1970’s.

We respected this even more after one morning last year when we shared breakfast there with a Danish friend visiting from Europe, and the server’s conversation with him switched spontaneously from English to Danish.  He was thrilled to find real Danish specialties here in Sausalito, which made us look brilliant for taking him there!

We think of the Lighthouse as a great breakfast spot, but they have one of the best burgers in Sausalito, a juicy oversized 10 oz. French-roll-encased gem that comes with thick crinkle fries.  Part of the eternal Sausalito debate about “what’s the best local breakfast spot.  If you’re looking for an authentic Danish breakfast or lunch, Lighthouse may be the best choice north of the Golden Gate Bridge and south of Oregon.


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Something else that people should know about the Lighthouse?  Got a great Lighthouse metaphor to illustrate your point, like “A beacon of sweet enlightenment for fans of griddled goodies”?  Disagree with any of our suggestions?  Please let us know!


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