Getting to Sausalito & Getting Around

ALERT: Car break-ins and thefts have become common in California due to a change in criminal punishments. In “safe neighborhoods” of San Francisco and other major cities any purse, briefcase or backpack left in sight in a parked car on a busy street in broad daylight for even five to ten minutes may be gone when you get back, with the car window shattered. If it’s dark and an isolated area the odds get even worse.

Locals have gotten used to always putting everything in their trunks when they park. If you rent a car, be sure it has a trunk or other space where you can hide suitcases etc. 
These thefts are not as common in Sausalito as in San Francisco and larger cities, but this is an issue in every town in California.

How do I get to Sausalito from San Francisco?

From ferries to driving to being driven to bus rides to bike riding or even walking

How do I get here from San Francisco Airport (SFO)?

What combination of trains, ferries, buses or cars sounds good?

How do I get to Sausalito from Oakland Airport (OAK)?

Different combinations of trains, ferries, buses or cars!

Sausalito Ferry Guide

Two services from different piers in San Francisco serve Sausalito

Bus routes and bus stops in Sausalito

Golden Gate Transit and Marin Transit both serve our area with multiple routes

Bus tours from San Francisco to Sausalito

Many tour companies offer both direct and hop-on hop-off service

Taxis and Ride Share Services in Sausalito

From a cab with a bike rack to an Uber driver with the right tact

Parking in Sausalito

We’ll share the Insider Tips on how to save money and time

Driving in Sausalito

We’ll tell you how to tell the locals from the visitors!

Sausalito Traffic Map

Real-time updates with green for good and red for “This sucks!”

The Mill Valley-Sausalito Multi-Use Path

Walk, bike, or ride a horse to Sausalito!

Bike Across the Golden Gate Bridge

We’ll give you maps, links, and the safer new route if you continue to Sausalito

Walk Across the Golden Gate Bridge (Free!)

We’ll give you directions, places to park and all the details you need

Walk from the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito

It’s a beautiful walk, and you can ride back on the ferry

Guide to all San Francisco Bay ferries

In case you want to try more voyages on the Bay


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