Uber, Lyft and Taxis in Sausalito

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Uber and Lyft in Sausalito

Like the rest of the San Francisco Bay Area, Uber and Lyft operate in Sausalito and cars are usually circulating within a reasonable distance. Late afternoon will often see a jump in driver availability due to the demand for rides back to San Francisco, especially for UberXL and for similar vehicles with bike racks.

Our experience is that riders need to allow a little more lead time than you would in a big city. At odd hours the wait may be longer. That said, ride share fares are almost always lower than the equivalent taxi fares.


Taxi Service and Taxis with Bike Racks in Sausalito

Daytime (1:00 PM to 8:00 PM): Taxis line up near the Ferry pier, located in downtown Sausalito, and the front of the line will be at Anchor St. and Humboldt Ave., next to the Bank of America and the closest Ferry parking lot (see map below),

All the time: Taxis wait one block from there, on the 700 block of Bridgeway  at the corner of Bridgeway and Anchor St. (near the public rest rooms and across the street from Poggio restaurant.)

Restaurants are usually happy to call a cab for you if you request it.

Insiders Tip: If you’re not just walking up to the taxi rank and taking a waiting cab, always allow extra time when calling a taxi, especially for short trips, since some drivers will ignore regulations and pass over short fares in their search for airport and San Francisco trips.

Insiders Tip: Many taxis that line up near the ferry terminal have bike racks on the back, so tired riders who don’t want to wait in line for the next ferry can go directly back to their bike rental sites in San Francisco. This can be an expensive taxi trip, but some bike visitors from San Francisco are so tired from the ride that they’d rather pay to get back sooner and be dropped off at the exact spot they want to go to.


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