Golden Gate Bridge Visitors Guide 2021

ALERT: If you visit the Golden Gate Bridge on a summer or holiday weekend: From 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM, the CHP closes the two largest Bridge Parking lots to passenger cars: Vista Point on the north and and Strauss Plaza on the south. Tour Buses, Transit Buses, taxis and rideshare vehicles are all allowed to drop off and pick up passengers. Bikes are also allowed. Expect traffic around the Bridge to be delayed, and use a bus or rideshare if you can. Click here for alternate parking options.

Visiting the Golden Gate Bridge

An introduction to visiting the most famous bridge in the world

Ride a Bike Across the Golden Gate Bridge

With the safer new route to Sausalito and the Ferry

Walk Across the Golden Gate Bridge

We offer everything from short walks to a complete Bridge crossing

Parking at the Golden Gate Bridge

We have the only complete maps with the “unpublicized” parking lots

The Best Golden Gate Bridge View Spots

Maps for all the spots where the most famous photos of the Bridge were taken

Webcams on the Golden Gate Bridge

You can see the Bridge (and/or the fog) from multiple angles

Walk from the Bridge to Sausalito

The new route is much safer and even more beautiful

Getting to the Bridge

With tips on how to avoid paying more tolls than necessary

Weather at the Golden Gate and What to Wear

Wrap your Honey in more layers than a good baklava

The Northern Vista Point on the Bridge

One of the best viewing spots for the Bridge and the SF skyline

The Southern Vista Point, Strauss Plaza & Welcome Center

If you’d rather gaze at the Bridge and the cliffs of the Marin Headlands

The Robin Williams Rainbow Tunnel

Re-named after our native son

Battery Spencer in the Marin Headlands

Another great close-up viewing spot for the Bridge

The Marin Headlands Golden Gate View Turnouts

Home to many a famous photo of the Golden Gate Bridge

Visit Fort Point, below the Golden Gate Bridge

That’s right, a complete and intact Civil War fortress is right under the Bridge!

The Round House Cafe

Art Deco Style, Fast Food, Warm Coffee, Big Views

The Bridge Cafe

Where vending machines and a a snack shop live in peace

1937 Bridge Rules and Regulations

The old rules from when the Bridge opened will make you laugh

Golden Gate Bridge Tolls

With information for carpools, commuters, and complainers

FasTrak on the Bridge

The happy beep of saving money!

Golden Gate Bridge Traffic Secrets

Just don’t let anyone know I told you about them!

How Long and How Tall is the Bridge?

Why we just happen to have all the answers!

Unlike many major bridges of the world, the Golden Gate isn’t just open to cars. Both walkers and bikes can cross, with bikes assigned to different sidewalks at different times of day. Please click on the links above for more information.

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