How to Get to Muir Woods

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Note: As of January 1, 2018, Muir Woods access and parking are now controlled by a reservations system. You can read our section about Muir Woods tickets here.

Insiders Tip:
  There is little no to cell phone or WiFi service at Muir Woods and in the Muir Woods parking lots. Don’t make any plans that require you to call someone from there, to check your email or messages, or to use a website like Uber or Lyft.


How to Get to Muir Woods

Insiders Tip: If it’s running on the day you plan to visit, the Muir Woods Shuttle is by far the least expensive and most convenient way to get there. You can also read about the new parking reservations system here.

If you plan to drive and reserve a parking spot, is there someone in your group who gets carsick easily?
 The narrow road up to Muir Woods is not that long, but it does have lots of twists and turns.  If you do drive your car and someone is especially susceptible to motion sickness (like one of the editors of OurSausalito, and please don’t ask about the gory details) we recommend providing them with Dramamine, letting them ride shotgun, or doing whatever else will make the trip more pleasant.  The video below will make this point better than any words we can write.

Although the map at the bottom of this page may look complicated, getting to Muir Woods is simple: exit 101 at the Highway 1 exit in Mill Valley and follow the signs for Highway 1 to Stinson Beach and Muir Woods.  Go up the hill until the sign tells you to turn right on Panoramic Highway for Muir Woods.  Take Panoramic Highway until you see the sign to turn left on Muir Woods Road, which takes you to the park.  The signs along the route are large and clear.

To get to the Highway 1 exit on Highway 101 northbound or southbound:

From Marin and the North Bay:  Take Highway 101 south to Mill Valley and exit at the Highway 1 offramp, then follow the signs.  The exit is right after your cross the Richardson Bay overpass (or Bridge, if you prefer!).

From Berkeley and Contra Costa County:  Cross the Richmond-San Rafael bridge on Highway 580 West, then take the Highway 101 south exit (which takes you on surface streets for about 2 miles before you reach the 101 south onramp).  Then follow the Marin and North Bay directions above..

From San Francisco and the Peninsula:  Cross the Golden Gate Bridge.  Take Highway 101 North just past the last Sausalito offramp and exit at the Highway 1 offramp, then follow the signs. 


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