Best Sausalito Restaurants 2021

GREAT NEWS!!! We’ve moved to the “Orange Tier” and restaurants can now offer 50% capacity for indoor dining (socially distanced etc.), and bars can serve guests outside. Hotels and stores are open subject to the standard mask/distancing rules. Downtown parking lots are open. It’s going to be an (almost) normal Springtime in Sausalito!

Insiders Tip: If you dine outside of the super-popular hours, the 50% capacity rules means that in all but the smallest restaurants you’ll be able to get a table almost anyplace you’d like to dine in Sausalito as a walk-in.

Our little town of 7,000 people has almost 70 different places to eat. We have fine-dining places with celebrity chefs from the Michael Bauer Top 100 lists. There are places with killer views of the Bay and the San Francisco skyline. There are also secret little gems where most customers are local folks, and we’ll tell you about every single one of them.

In these pages I’ll share with you an insider’s perspective on the best Sausalito restaurants, with in-depth data we’ve collected and with other pages that share our editorial team’s personal opinions. Looking for the best view or breakfast or burger in Sausalito? Yeah, we’ve got a page for that!

Best Dinner Restaurants in Sausalito

All serve dinner, most serve lunch, a few serve breakfast

Best Sausalito Lunch Cafes, Deli’s and Diners

All serve lunch, many serve breakfast, and we have some local gems

Best View Restaurants in Sausalito

See stunning views of San Francisco Bay, the City skyline, the Golden Gate Bridge, quiet harbors and more

Our Favorite “Secret” Local Restaurants

Places with personality, great food and a local crowd

Wine Tasting in Sausalito

Sample the best of the Wine Country while saving 5.2 gallons of gas

Sausalito’s Most Romantic Restaurants

And we have a lot of them!

The Best Breakfast Spots in Sausalito

Some even serve breakfast at lunchtime!

Brunch in Sausalito

When there’s no shame in ordering breakfast at lunchtime!

The Best Sausalito Spots to Meet Singles

Insert your own favorite baseball double entendre here

The Best Burgers in Sausalito

Though at one famous place you may have to stand in line

Sausalito’s Best Sandwich Spots

And they’re all within a short walk of a bench on the shore of the Bay!

Sausalito Restaurants R.I.P.

The only comprehensive list of local places that have closed

Guide to Sausalito Neighborhoods

Explore restaurants sorted by different areas in Sausalito

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