Learn about several different Global Warming scenarios and what different researchers think they mean for Sausalito


Everything you need to know about over 60 different places to eat in Sausalito We have a long list of fun things to do in SausalitoThere are many different kinds of shops in Sausalito, and we'll help you find just what you're looking for  

Ship's Store is the perfect place to start your visit to Sausalito, with friendly people who'll help you plan your day. Click the life preserver to learn all about it.


The Sausalito Houseboat community turned 65 in 2010, but remains independent and unique


Muir Woods is commonly bundled with Sausalito on local tours, and we have a complete guide to this magnificent old growth redwood forest just minutes north of Sausalito Alcatraz is one of the most popular destinations in the National Parks system, and we have a complete guide for visitorsWhether you want to drive, ride a bike or walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, we have all the information here that you'll need to enjoy the trip




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Click here to see lots of options for spending a day in Sausalito, whether it's for fun with the kids or a romantic getaway Mid Border We have a complete in-depth reference guide to Sausalito Ferry Routes and Ferry Schedules to San Francisco Mid Border Best Sausalito Restaurants for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and for Spectacular Bay Views Mid Border Guide to visiting thr Sausalito Houseboats, including the Taj Mahal and the story of Forbes Island Mid Border Many Sausalito visitors also visit Muir Woods, located on a nearby mountainside to the north. We give you a complete guide to planning your visit to these majestic old-growth redwoods and the local trails. Mid Border Comprehensive guide to visiting the Golden Gate Bridge, including biking across the Bridge to Sausalito, walking across the Golden Gate Bridge, parking at the Bridge and more. Mid Border Looking for the most charming shops and unique places?  Want to stay away from tourist traps?  We'll help you make the most of the fun shopping destinations in Sausalito. Mid Border Alcatraz is often bundled with Sausalito as part of a tour by travel companies, so we've included a guide to "The Rock" to help you prepare for your visit. Mid Border Muir Beach is a National Park with a beautiful beach adjacent to a small village that gets its mail service from Sausalito Mid Border A complete guide to Sausalito Hotels and B & B's, with rankings and detailed visitor information on everything from prices to the most romantic locations to stay Mid Border Bike Rides in and to Sausalito, including the Ride Across the Golden Gate Bridge Mid Border Houseboats and Homes for Sale or Rent, plus a list of Sausalito Real Estate Professionals Mid Border Detailed list of regularly scheduled meetings, music, activities etc. in Sausalito Mid Border Our Guide to Sausalito's Neighborhoods lists restaurants, parks, hotels, things to do and places to see in each of Sausalito's diverse areas. Mid Border Sausalito has a variety of venues for weddings and receptions that offer wonderful settings and views, ranging from a bayside gazebo in a public park to elegant hillside churches with 180-degree views. Mid Border Getting to Sausalito from San Francisco, SFO, Oakland and the Wine Country Mid Border

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