Golden Gate Ferry Goes to Fall Schedule Monday Sept. 30

Ferry Pier 16-9a

O, how shall summer's honey breath hold out
Against the wreckful siege of battering days,
When rocks impregnable are not so stout,
Nor gates of steel so strong, but Time decays?
                           –William Shakespeare, Sonnet 65


William Shakespeare never visited Sausalito (although his contemporary Sir Francis Drake sailed by Rodeo Beach in 1579), but he understood very well the passage of Summer into Fall.

Shakespeare would therefore not be surprised to see that next Monday the Golden Gate Ferry will modify its 2013 schedule between the Ferry Building and Sausalito for autumn.  Two afternoon voyages from Sausalito that are heavily used by tourists (many with rented bikes) will be eliminated, and a few other afternoon sailings will have their schedules altered slightly.  Morning voyages are largely unaffected.

Blue and Gold Fleet will wait another month before reverting to its winter schedule linking Sausalito to Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39 / Pier 41.

You can find the full schedules (new and old) for both routes here.

I've decided to set my personal clock to the Blue and Gold standard, so hey, it's still summer!  Pour me a cool one!




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