Sausalito Ferry and Bus Holiday Schedule Guide

Ferry Bow


Here's the easy way to remember the Sausalito Ferry Schedule and Bus Schedules for the Holidays for each of the two services:

Golden Gate Ferry:  There's no service between Sausalito and the Ferry Building on Christmas Day or New Years Day. Monday, December 30 is regular weekday service.  All other days through the Holidays are Holiday service (which is the same as weekend service).  Our complete Sausalito Ferry Schedules are here.

Blue and Gold Fleet:  There's also no service linking Pier 41 at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco with Sausalito on Christmas Day or New Years Day. All other weekdays are the standard weekday schedule, and all weekends are the normal weekend schedule.  If the ferries are running at all, they'll be running on the normal schedule.

Golden Gate Transit Buses:   Golden Gate Transit will have Holiday Service on Christmas Day and on New Years Day.  All other weekdays and weekend days are on their normal schedules.  We have a link to all Sausalito Bus Routes and Schedules here.

New Chart: We realized that no one had published a complete guide to all the different ferry routes and services on San Francisco Bay with links to schedules for each route.  We just created that comprehensive lists, and you can find it here!


Happy Holidays!

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