Sausalito Ferry, Golden Gate Buses to Run Holiday Schedule Monday


On the "less prominent holidays" I usually have to work a normal schedule, which means that when public transit changes their schedules I can get caught in the lonely "I should have thought of that" zone.

Which in my case is located at the end of the Sausalito Ferry Pier!

This is why I now take computer in hand to mention that the Golden Gate Ferry and Marin Transit in Sausalito are running their Weekend/Holiday Ferry schedule and the corresponding bus schedule next President's Day, Monday, February 17, (which is the birthday of neither Abraham Lincoln nor George Washington, whom we're supposed to be honoring this month.)

Blue and Gold Fleet runs a normal weekday schedule on Monday, which is a great example of how sometimes being normal can be confusing.

Have a great (hopefully unconfusing 3-day) weekend!


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