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621 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA 94965  (See Map Below)
Phone: 415-331-5225

Neighborhood: Bridgeway Promenade.   Website and reservations, with specials like free corkage on Wednesday, are here.  Lunch and Dinner menus are here, and Wine List is here. Winter schedule: Open for dinner seven days a week, and for lunch Thursday through Monday.  A fixed-price lot is next door, and city lots are about three blocks away; Angelino validates the first hour of parking there.  Some street parking farther south on Bridgeway.

Name Game:  After being known as Angelino’s for many years, the restaurant changed to just “Angelino.”   Whichever name you see, this is the place. 

OurSausalito Dining Honors

Trophy 50px jpgAngelino did not appear in the Top 10 on any of the Best Restaurants in Sausalito lists for
Winter, 2014.

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Fast Forward SummaryTM:  Angelino is a nice little Italian place, focusing on cuisine from southern Italy, and draws high marks for its food.  The restaurant has remained successful for many years in an area with multiple excellent Italian competitors, leveraging both its views and its “feel free to speak Italian with the staff” atmosphere. House-made pasta, fresh ingredients.  One of a number of great places in Sausalito for a lunch or dinner date.  The restaurant is just across Bridgeway from the Bay and has a wide view of the San Francisco skyline in the distance, but only the tables near the front really get the full impact of this vista.  On the expensive side.  At lunch we also have to teach the UPS guy not to park in front of this or other nearby restaurants! 


Angelino: The Details

Angelino is a charming restaurant with excellent food.  The southern Italian cuisine is authentic and the food is well prepared.  The dining room is not large and the setting is classy — it reminds us of being in Italy when we come here and the building is close to 100 years old.  Service is pleasant and efficient.  Their view may not be as open as Scoma’s across Bridgeway, but we think their pasta is better.

This is a place where if you wanted to order and speak only in Italian there would be no problem.  OK, they might have to swap servers, but this is a lot better than a lot of places across the country where the server thinks “Firenze” is a fragrance sold in drug stores.

For many of their dishes they make the pasta by hand in-house — ask your server about the dish you plan to order.  The papardelle we had recently had a wonderful al dente texture to it, the “feel” you can only get with pasta that’s fresh-made from this morning.  The mushrooms were likewise fresh and the texture was wonderful, though I prefer a little more seasoning.

Angelino is a place where you want to be near the windows.  The restaurant is directly across Bridgeway from the big-wide-open-view of the San Francisco skyline.  Although you have traffic going by, window tables have a great vista for the meal.

I would also love to pass a City ordinance that only sports cars can park in the spot in front of Angelino, and never SUV’s.  If a low-slung car is in that space it opens the big view for two or three additional tables.

On a nice day consider this place for a very late lunch or an early dinner.  Especially in winter, Angelino’s front tables have a view of the San Francisco skyscrapers bathed in the sharply angled light of the last hour of the day.  The colors and shadows change every five minutes, and it’s a beautiful show.

Angelino also reminds us of an interesting lesson about statistics.  A number of excellent restaurants are clustered on the Best Restaurants in Sausalito lists with scores in the 80′s… a score level that is hard to reach.  On each of our surveys their relative positions jump around as one restaurant or another gains or loses a point, and tiny score changes can move a restaurant five slots in either direction.  Angelino is one of the restaurants in this intensely comepetitive part of the list.  As diners, we see their quality as being consistently strong, and their survey scores have always been good despite a wide range of rankings.  For this reason we always use them as the example for our reminders to “Focus on the scores more than you focus on the rankings” notes about our surveys, because places with similar scores are likely to be similar in quality regardless of their rank.



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Something else that people should know about Angelino?  Have proof that the UPS driver is trying to blackmail the restaurant by blocking their (great) view with his %^$##%# truck?  (We’ll testify as witnesses at the trial!) Disagree with any of our suggestions?  Please leave a comment below so our readers get the full story.