Outback Steakhouse

192 Donahue St., Sausalito, CA 94965  (See Map Below)
hone: 415-331-6193

Neighborhood: Marin City & Pohono St.   They don’t take reservations here, but you can call ahead as you’re driving in and “get your name on the clipboard.”  If you order out they will bring the food to your car in dedicated spaces out front.

Website is here.     Menu for online takeout orders is here.  Free parking in lot.

Open for Late Lunch (weekends only) and Dinner.


OurSausalito Dining Honors

Outback Steakhouse did not appear in the Top 10 on any of the 
OurSausalito.com Best Restaurants in Sausalito lists for Winter, 2014.

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Outback Steakhouse

Fast Forward SummaryTM:  This Outback can be a convenient place if you’re running around with the kids, everyone is tired and hungry and you’re looking for a good meal in a spot where a little noise is OK, this is a good choice.  


Outback Steakhouse: The Details

This Outback is largely the same as all the others I’ve visited.  As chain restaurants go they’re better than many, but they don’t rival the top places in a sophisticated dining area like Sausalito.  Some of their prices are reasonable, some should inspire you to go into Sausalito proper and pay the same dollars for a better meal.

On a recent Sunday we were on a shopping trip and didn’t have time to go back down into downtown Sausalito before a hard-scheduled commitment.  One editor had the Outback burger and fries, another had the new Alice Springs Chicken Quesadillas appetizer.  Neither dish cost more than $9, and both were really moist and flavorful.  We got free tasty brown bread and butter.  Our sodas cost $3 each, but they included free refills any time they got even half empty, and we didn’t have to ask.  The service was fast and pleasant. There are plenty of $3 Diet Cokes in Sausalito with no refills, and plenty of places where the servers aren’t as pleasant.

What’s our point?  This may not be the best restaurant in town, but it’s way better than the chain-haters make it out to be.

The location is convenient, across from Best Buy right next to the northernmost Sausalito exit from 101.  There’s a small lagoon nature preserve for migratory birds out front, sandwiched between the parking lot and the highway.  Hey, some of our best friends are migratory!

On a rainy night the fact that they’ll bring the takeout food out to your car at the curb is a nice service.

They do not open for lunch, although on weekends they open at the unlikely hour of 1:00 PM, right after lunch.  This has always struck me as bizarre given the fact that they’re a business-lunch style place.  Perhaps these hours of the day are spent, a la Pinky and the Brain, planning to take over the world!    


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Something else that people should know about Outback Steakhouse?  Is the staff at Outback really out back planning world conquest prior to 1:00 PM?  Disagree with any of our suggestions?  Please leave a comment below so our readers get the full story.