Fish Sausalito

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 350 Harbor Dr., Sausalito CA 94965  (See Map Below)
Phone: 415-331-3421

*** This restaurant only accepts cash, no credit cards.  ***

Neighborhood: Nevada Valley & Marinship North.  Website is here, menu is here, info on their “take it home and cook it” fish market is here, webcam at the restaurant is here.   Free parking in lot.

Open for lunch and dinner, but closed 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM for the changeover.


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Fish Sausalito

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Fish restaurant is full of contradictions.  A busy ultra-casual harbor-view restaurant in northern Sausalito, Fish is NOT your normal Sausalito seafood experience… but the stack of Trophies above tells you that something good is going on here.  Although they break every “rule” of fine dining, they get away with it because they feature outstanding fresh fish, sustainably harvested.  They do not accept reservations, they take your order (pleasantly) at a counter facing the front door where you sometimes have to wait a while to reach the front of the line, and they don’t accept credit cards.  Bring extra cash: prices are at the high end.  As one diner put it, “I paid $38 [including tip] for my lunch, but they could give me the GPS coordinates of where the fish was caught!”

I had the best, flakiest, softest, tastiest fish in a fish-and-chips lunch I’ve ever eaten here… for a hefty $22.  Fish makes extensive use of picnic-style outdoor tables, and the outdoor patio is on the shoreline adjacent to a sailboat harbor.  On a nice day you can sit outside and look at the boats moored in the Bay, and you’re right next to the water.  If you come in on the Ferry, the location is outside of normal walking distance from downtown Sausalito (a good long walk if you’re so inclined), so a visit usually requires a drive or a taxi.  Although Fish is often ranked highly in our Special Occasions list, it is in fact a casual restaurant and the ranking is a statement of how people feel about the food.

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Something else that people should know about Fish?  (We mean the restaurant, not the food group or the old Abe Vigoda sitcom character.)  Disagree with any of our suggestions?  Please let us know!


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