Salito’s Crab House

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1200 Bridgeway, Sausalito CA 94965  (See Map Below)
Phone: 415-331-3226

Neighborhood: Caledonia St. (New Town).  Website is here.  Use this link to view the menus.  Beverage list is here.  Open for lunch and dinner.  Free parking in lot.

Insiders Tip:  Just in case their lot is full, check out our special page on Parking Near Caledonia St. Without Getting a Ticket.  It explains how to avoid the no-parking zones that catch some visitors by surprise.

Note:  This restauarant is in the latter stages of a gradual name change.  The building signage has now been changed To Salito’s Crab House, but many online sites still refer to it as Paradise Bay.  Under either name it’s the same place in Sausalito.



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Salito’s Crab House


Fast Forward SummaryTM:  Located just a few blocks north of downtown Sausalito, Salito’s Crab House is gradually completing its transition from the old Paradise Bay name.  The back deck has a beautifukl view of the marina and, beyond it, the Bay.  he staff here are warm and welcoming, and there’s lots of free parking. The restaurant recently was bought a couple of years ago by Jerry Dal Bozzo, Dante Serafina and Andrea Froncillo, who are partners in several other successful restaurants (Boboquivari’s, Calzone’s, Crab House, Franciscan Crab Restaurant, The Dead Fish, Stinking Rose).   They changed the name of the place to Salito’s Crab House, where they now feature (big surprise) crab and prime rib.   Andrea Froncillo serves as executive chef.

Half the dining room can be opened up with sliding glass windows/doors, so on a warm summer day you’re really eating in fresh air, either inside or outside.

The theme of very fresh fish is coming through loud and clear.  The clam chowder, however, was over-thickened on our first visit and pedestrian on later orders — unusual to see a basic item disappoint when dishes that are harder to prepare are made properly.  That said, this is a group of restaurateurs and chefs with a long track record of success, and we expect them to get the kinks worked out.

This location is an historic site.  In the 1970′s it was called Zack’s by the Bay, and in addition to being a restaurant it was the most active club scene in Marin.  A lot of the locals from all over the North Bay have stories about this place and how certain youthful rituals and rites of passage were lived out here.  Or in the parking lot.  Or just up the street in the park.  Or…

In the late 1980′s and 1990′s it was Margaritaville, a nice but unremarkable California-ized Mexican food place.  It was reshaped into Paradise Bay in a Tommy-Bahama-style makeover a few years ago, and the architect did a fabulous job on the exterior and retained the great openness to the Bay.   That strong architecture has been maintained in the transition to Salito’s Crab House.



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Something else that people should know about Salito’s Crab House?  Ready to confess your personal sins from your days at the old Zack’s (after first consulting an attorney)?   Think we’re being too crabby in our critique of the chowdah?  Disagree with any of our suggestions?  Please let us know!