Best Sausalito Breakfast Restaurants 2021

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Sausalito Breakfast Restaurants

Most restaurant lists we publish here on OurSausalito.com are the product of our online surveys and reflect the opinions of thousands of diners.  This list is completely subjective and represents our personal favorite Sausalito breakfast spots. Don’t get too caught up in the top three or bottom three places on the list — I enjoy a Sausalito breakfast at any of the restaurants listed below, and would recommend all of these places.

Insiders Tip: Some of the places below that have pastries start each day with a certain number of freshly baked breakfast items, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Certain people in our building who shall go unnamed (but you know who you are!) have been known to single-handedly decimate the Sausalito breakfast choices at Le Garage. I always manage to walk into Poggio, Angelino or Venice Gourmet just as someone else is carrying away that pastry I really wanted… and it’s always the last one in the display. So just remember, it’s the early bird gets the marzipan!

Rank Restaurant Sausalito Breakfast Type
1T Anchorage 5 Full Breakfast (American & Mexican)
1T Lighthouse Cafe Full Breakfast (Danish & American)
3 Murray Circle Gourmet Sausalito Breakfast Buffet ($$$)
4T Fred’s Coffee Shop Full Breakfast (Legendary French Toast!)
4T Bayside Cafe Full Breakfast (20 kinds of omeletttes!)
6T Angelino Home-made Italian pastries!
6T Le Garage Light Items (Oh, those pastries!)
8T Sausalito Bakery and Cafe Short Menu
8T Poggio Trattoria Short menu (Waffle with lemon zest!) plus pastries
8T Osteria Divino Short Menu
11T Venice Gourmet Deli Pastries etc.
11T Equator Coffee Pastries, Pies etc.
11T Drivers Market Deli Pastries etc.
11T Taste of Rome Pastries etc.

See a place where we’re not describing the menu as well as we could?  Did we miss your favorite Sausalito breakfast spot?  Please let us know!


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