Poggio Trattoria

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Poggio Trattoria 

777 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA 94965 (See Map Below)
Phone 415-332-7771 


Neighborhood:  Downtown Sausalito (Ferry Pier).  Website and reservations are here.  Menus are here for breakfast, lunch and dinner.   Free valet parking next door at the Casa Madrona Hotel.

Open for Light Italian Breakfast and for Lunch and Dinner.  


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Poggio Trattoria

Fast Forward SummaryTM:  Poggio is an award-winning restaurant that makes you feel like you’re dining in Italy.  In nice weather sitting at the tables on the sidewalk is just like being in Europe… and after several 2013-14 trips to Scandinavia and Germany I can say that the prices here are better!  At dinner call ahead for a reservation to avoid a long wait on weekend or during the summer. 

Legendary restaurateur Larry Mindel came out of retirement to do the project. Last year’s change in executive chefs has not changed the quality of the food.  Occupies the ground floor of the modern wing of the Casa Madrona Hotel. Joined by sister restaurant Copita down the street a couple of years ago.

They focus on fresh organic local produce and high quality seafood and meat, and the menu changes significantly every day.  Downside is that the dish you loved may only be available for a couple of weeks when the ingredients are in season.

Sometime during the evening the General Manager or the Manager on duty will come over to your table and ask you if you’re enjoying your meal… and they’ll actually listen to what you say when you answer instead of smiling, nodding politely and moving on.

Their “this is a dish you don’t usually see outside Italy” menu items tend to be specials they do only for special occasions, but ask if they have anything like that on the menu when you go in. One disappointment:  I’m sure their style of “ribollita” is authentic, but when we had it here the soup was fully absorbed in the bread instead of the bread being submerged at the bottom of the soup as we find in Florence.

To get to the restrooms you have to take a little elevator to the second floor. 

For locals and early-risers: Poggio opens the front area of the restaurant as an Italian coffee shop at 6:30 in the morning, where they offer continental breakfast.  Great coffee.  

Note: Poggio is a charter sponsor of OurSausalito.com. 


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