Best Singles Bar in Sausalito (and some Restaurants, too!)

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What is the Best Singles Bar in Sausalito (and some restaurants as well)?

Even in this age of computer dating and social networks it isn’t easy to meet new people “in the real world instead of online” when you’re single, especially if you’re looking to date someone who doesn’t work with you and who lives nearby.

Here’s our editors’ list of the restaurants and bars that we think offer the best opportunities for singles to meet new people in SausalitoIn this Top Ten we’re disregarding the quality of the cuisine in the restaurants listed (although it’s often excellent), and only rating the social potential of the place.

We argued about this list a lot, but the #1 position in this list was easy to determine.  Seahorse has more organized dance events, dance lessons and other social activities for singles than any other restaurant in town.  Each of the places below has a different vibe, so experiment to find what fits your personality.

Rank Name Comments
1 Seahorse Dance lessons & scheduled events
2 No Name Bar Nightly music
3 Osteria Divino Music most nights
4 Bar Bocce Sophisticated crowd
5 Fred’s Coffee Shop You share large tables
6 Farley Bar Sophisticated crowd
7 Saylor’s Long-time local crowd
8 Taste of Rome Coffee, some music
9 Starbucks Coffee Shop
10 Poggio Classy bar & clientele

Also Recommended for singles by our Editors and Readers:  Buckeye Roadhouse‘s bar, Barrel House Bar,  Trident’s bar, Salito’s Crab House bar, Smitty’s Bar (for locals). In Muir Beach, the Pelican Inn bar is a great spot.

Note:  We only cover restaurants and bars here, but the Sausalito Parks and Rec Department has many programs that are also ideal places for singles to meet.  The Sausalito Library also holds classes and events.  You can also join local volunteer organizations like the Sausalito Historical Society and the Sausalito Art Festival, which are wonderful places to meet people who share your interests.

Don’t see a name you remember?  Like Zack’s, the undisputed king of singles places in Sausalito in our youth (or at least mine!), it may be on our List of Restaurants That Have Closed or Changed Their Names.


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