TBT: America’s Cup Viewing in Sausalito

Americas Cup Race by MarkDoliner


The America’s Cup sailing races for 2013 begin with ceremonies on July 4, 2013, with competitive racing originally scheduled to start on July 6.  The ealy July delays from weather and legal wrangling are covered in this article.

The video below gives you a great perspective of the speeds — and the dangers inherent in this race.

The route (shown in the official map, where Sausalito is not in the image but is off-screen to the upper left of the area shown) runs opposite Crissy Field, the Marina Green, Fisherman’s Wharf and the Financisl District, which makes San Francisco and Alcatraz the best viewing spots.

The best open-access viewing in Sausalito will be from Fort Baker near the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge (including the lawns and porches of Cavallo Point Lodge) and from the Bridgeway Promenade.

These are large dual-hull sailboats, which makes the race interesting to watch from a greater distance. Although local organizers had once hoped that the route would run closer to our shores, the hills and harbors of Sausalito will still offer great long-range views.  In the case of the Sausalito hills (where Cup season house rentals are going for high prices) the perspective may actually enhance the enjoyment of the race.



Since the Start Line is relatively close to Sausalito near the northern end of the Golden Gate Bridge (see Google map below) and the Finish Line is at the far side of the course the boats will be especially visible as they tack in the first half of each race.

You can see the official race schedule here.


Google Map Instructions:  Use the “+” and “-” buttons to zoom in and out, the arrow keys to scroll the map, and the SAT button to see the satellite view.

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Photo credit: MarkDoliner, accessed 7/4/13.

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