Lappert’s Ice Cream

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689 Bridgeway, Sausalito CA 94965  (See Map Below)
Phone: 415-331-3035

 Neighborhood: Downtown Sausalito (Ferry Pier).  No website for individual shop, chain website is here.  Street parking and city lots nearby.

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Trophy 50px jpg #9 on the OurSausalito Best Cafes, Diners and Deli’s List for Autumn, 2016, even though they just serve ice cream. Of course, this is the same family that founded Lappert’s Ice Cream that’s famous in Hawaii, and ice cream is one of the five major food groups, and the surgeon general says that ice cream is good for…

Lappert’s Ice Cream

Avoid Confusion:  The Lappert’s corporate website lists two locations in Sausalito, this one and another at 817 Bridgeway.  To locals and to the Sausalito Business License people this place is “Lappert’s Ice Cream” and the one a block farther north (just north of Poggio and Casa Madrona) is Fish and Chips of Sausalito, which is also owned by Michael Lappert and also has a Lappert’s Ice Cream counter inside.  The two shops are barely a block apart on the same side of the street in downtown Sausalito, and Fish & Chips further confuses things with dangling signs in front that say “Ice Cream” and “Hamburgers”.

A Classification Problem: We include Lappert’s Ice Cream on our “Best Cafes, Diners and Deli’s List” even though they don’t serve lunch per se because, well, we couldn’t leave them out of our dining charts and they certainly don’t serve dinner and wow, that ice cream is really good and…  You get the idea.

Lappert’s serves great ice cream and has a nice little shop.   If you want to go lower-cal than ice cream they also serve a variety of smoothies as well as coffee and espresso.  They’re open till 9:00 at night so on a nice evening you can come here after dinner at one of the Bay and City view restaurants and get an ice cream treat to wrap up a perfect evening.  Some might allege that on a warm summer day their ice cream cones have medicinal value or are part of a holistic spiritual rebirth.  Some day we plan to do a big expose of the subtle differences between their Lappert’s ice cream and the Lappert’s ice cream they serve two blocks away at Fish and Chips of Sausalito, but we have to try at least five more flavors at each place before our high journalistic standards will allow us to publish the story.

How did a small local Hawaiian ice cream chain end up in Marin? The founder, Walter Lappert, moved from the Bay Area to Kauai in the early 1980’s and saw the market opening for the ice cream. When he passed away, half of the company came to his son Michael Lappert, who had remained in Marin, and the Hawaiian and Mainland operations now each run semi-autonomously and offer different flavors.

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Something else that people should know about Lappert’s Ice Cream?  Upset that they don’t have organic probiotic quinoa non-GMO polenta yogurt with flax seeds sprinkled on top?  Disagree with any of our suggestions?  Please let us know!

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