Rossetti Pizzeria (Closed)

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Rossetti Pizza


45 Caledonia St., Sausalito, CA 94965  (See Map Below)
Phone: 415-887-9526

Neighborhood: Caledonia St. (New Town).  Website with menu is here.  Open for dinner only.  Free street parking and city lot nearby, though you might need to walk a few blocks.

Insiders Tip:  Check out our special page on Parking Near Caledonia St. Without Getting a Ticket.  It explains how to avoid the no-parking zones that catch some visitors by surprise.

*** This restaurant only accepts cash, no credit cards.  ***


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Rossetti Pizzeria (Closed)

We are sorry to report that Rossetti Pizzeria closed in late June, 2014 when the business was sold to a new owner.  We are going to miss going there.

Restaurateur Maurizio Rossetti originally planned to call this intimate Italian restaurant Pizzeria Cinquecento, but when it opened in Fall, 2010 it appeared as Rossetti Pizzeria… which we have to admit as editors is much easier to type!  Kidding aside, Rossetti was a successful restaurateur in San Anselmo for many years under his own name, so Rossetti Pizzeria ties back well to that Marin County tradition.  Located in a longtime restaurant site on Caledonia that housed Benkei Sukiyaki in the 1970’s and Fukusuke (speaking of names that are hard to type) in the 1990’s.

Charming place with a handful of sidewalk tables, they offer just a short list of special thin-crust authentic Italian pizzas.  This is not a place where you walk in and ask for pepperoni and sausage on one half and mushrooms on the other — the pizzas are just as on the menu, and they don’t make “the usual.”

Insiders Tip: This is a very small restaurant that’s open only for dinner starting at 5:00 PM, with just a few tables inside and a handful more on the sidewalk. They do not take reservations.  If you plan to come here, stop by early to see if there are tables free.  If not, leave your name and go for a (fun) walk down Caledonia St. to pass the time they estimated it will take for a table to clear.  If there are tables free immediately you can either eat earlier than planned or leave your name for a later hour so your wait (if any) will be shorter when you return.

Insiders Tip: Hidden on one corner of the menu is a fabulous lasagne, with just the right ratio of meat sauce, pasta and melted cheese.  If you’re looking for a break from pizza it is different from any other lasagne in Sausalito, and has many fanatical local devotees.


Google Map Instructions:  Use the “+” and “-” buttons to zoom in and out, the arrow keys to scroll the map, and the SAT button to see the satellite view.


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Something else that people should know about Rossetti Pizzeria?  Have you written a joyous haiku in honor of their lasagne that you’d like to share?  (The haiku, we mean, since the lasagne is so good we know you wouldn’t be sharing.) Our Rossetti lasagne haiku (having been dared to write it instead of just talk about it) is:

More layers than the
Eye can see or tongue explain,
Like my one true love.

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