GGNRA & Marin Headlands Guide 2021


The GGNRA and the Marin Headlands

The GGNRA (Golden Gate National Recreation Area) is a sprawling series of national parks that spread from the western and northern coastlines of San Francisco across the Golden Gate to the Marin Headlands, Muir Woods and the Point Reyes National Seashore. The area was expanded and unified under the National Park Service in the mid-1990’s when San Francisco’s Presidio Army Base was closed.

The Marin Headlands is the portion of the GGNRA that surrounds Sausalito and connects our small town to the Golden Gate Bridge and to the coast of the Pacific Ocean in West Marin.

Guide to Fort Baker

Adjacent to southern Sausalito, it now houses a museum, hotel and restaurants

Point Bonita Lighthouse

Historic overlook at the entrance to the Golden Gate

Battery Spencer Above the Golden Gate Bridge

One of the very best views of the Golden Gate and San Francisco

Bay Area Discovery Museum

A world-class children’s museum on the edge of San Francisco Bay

The Marine Mammal Center

This facility rescues Sea Lions, Seals & Dolphins

Golden Gate Bridge Visitors Guide

It links the northern and southern portions of the GGNRA

Marin Headlands Golden Gate View Areas & Parking

The spots from which many a famous photograph was taken

Rodeo Beach

A popular destination at the mouth of the Golden Gate

The Baker-Barry Tunnel

Marin’s Famous “5 Minute” 1-Way Tunnel to the Headlands

Marin Headlands Visitor Center

With information to help you enjoy the area

Headlands Center for the Arts

Artist studios, conferences and exhibition space

Marin Headlands Youth Hostel

A highly rated, guest-maintained hostel

Presidio Yacht Club & Restaurant

Open to the public at Horseshoe Cove on the Golden Gate

Cavallo Point Lodge

A luxury resort inside the GGNRA, converted from old military housing


Bus Stops

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Conzelman Rd/Kirby Cove
Conzelman Rd/McCullough Rd
McCullough Rd/Bunker Rd
Bunker Rd/Rifle Range
Bunker Rd/Stables
Bunker Rd/Miwok Trail
Bunker Rd/Field Rd
Mitchell Rd/Bunker Rd
Mitchell Rd/Visitor’s Center
Fort Cronkhite Parking Lot


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