Muir Woods Ticket Prices and Reservations for 2021

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Muir Woods Ticket Prices and Reservations for 2019

Insiders Tip: If you want to visit Muir Woods, buy your reservations early. During the summer peak travel period reservations  sell out days in advance.

Insiders Tip: There is no cell service or WiFi service at or near Muir Woods If you need to use your phone, summon Uber or Lyft, or download anything (like your parking reservation receipt!), do so before leaving home. The last time I was there the parking aides were trying to help someone download their parking reservation… and weren’t having any luck. The guy had to turn around and drive back down the mountain.

Insiders Tip: You cannot drive to the park or to a Muir Woods Shuttle bus stop and get a reservation on site or from the shuttle driver — they can only be purchased online in advance.

On the current Muir Woods ticket website you buy either a parking pass or a shuttle ticket for a given date and time. Click here for our page about parking at Muir Woods. You can also click here for our page about the new Muir Woods shuttle system.

Shuttles are not currently running due to the pandemic.

When you arrive at the shuttle stop of your choice or at the Muir Woods parking lot you’ll bring a printed copy of your shuttle or parking reservation, which will have a bar code and the date and time you’ve selected, just as you’d do for many concerts or sporting events. You’ll buy your Muir Woods ticket once you get to the front gate.

Insiders Tip: If you’re taking a Muir Woods Shuttle, there are three different bus stops and you’ll have to choose in advance (when you make your reservation) which stop you’ll want to use and what time you want to ride. Some stops may be sold out sooner than others, so be sure to check all three to get the desired date and time if necessary. We have information and maps for the Muir Woods Shuttle bus stops here.


Using the New Muir Woods Reservations System

Click here to go to the Muir Woods reservations website. Go to the upper right hand corner of the page, click on the date to display a calendar of potential visit dates, and then click on the “Reserve Now” button.

Insiders Tip: Reservations — each tied to a specific day and time — are available on the Muir Woods website. There are two separate kinds of reservations: shuttle bus reservations (connecting Sausalito and Muir Woods) and parking reservations (at the two small Muir Woods lots). Muir Woods tickets themselves are not restricted and can be bought readily at the front gate of the park.

The catch, of course, is that it’s hard to get to Muir Woods to buy that ticket unless you can get a seat on a shuttle bus or a parking place for your car.

If shuttle and/or parking reservations are sold out, please click here for our current suggestions on how to get access to Muir Woods.


Muir Woods Ticket Prices and Reservation Fees for 2021

Parking is $8.50 for normal-size cars, $30 for medium size SUVs, $45 for large SUVs, $11.00 for electric vehicles (if you need a charger) and $8.50 for vehicles requiring an ADA spot.

Shuttles are not currently running due to the pandemic.

Shuttle Reservations are $3.00 for adults and free for children 15 years of age and under. You can reserve up to 10 spots on the same shuttle time slot. From mid-June through mid-August the shuttles run seven days a week. The rest of the year they run only on weekends and holidays, which means that one weekdays parking reservations are exhausted more quickly.

Muir Woods Ticket Prices:

Adult (16 years of age and older)  — $15.00

4th Graders (and 5th Graders until August 31, 2021 since you missed your 4th grade free pass due to the pandemic)  — Free for all the family members 

       Veterans and Gold Star Families (ID required) — Free

Children (15 years of age and under) — Free

Annual Pass — $45.00.  It’s good for 12 months from your date of purchase, and admits you and three other people 16 and older to Muir Woods as often as you wish for free. You still need to get a shuttle reservation or a parking reservation and pay for them separately, however.

Note: Many tour operators offer bus trips and excursions to Muir Woods, often combined with trips to other destinations like Sausalito, the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz.  The prices for Muir Woods admission below are for visitors who come to Muir Woods on their own, and are charged by the National Park Service.  These prices are often built into the (higher) cost of organized tours.

Insiders Tip:  Beware of tour operators (or any travel plans) that call for a short stop at this unique National Monument. People who have never been here imagine a small grove of big redwoods where you walk up, snap a few photos, exclaim how tall they are, get back in the bus or car and move on. This is a larger area you’ll want to walk through and enjoy.


Free Days for Muir Woods Tickets

Muir Woods, like many national parks, does not charge entrance fees on certain special holidays. On the following (2018 reduced list of) dates they will offer free tickets to the park:

Martin Luther King Day
Opening day of National Park Week
Honoring National Public Lands Day
Veterans Day




Special Muir Woods Admission Discounts and Free Passes

The National Park Service offers an annual $80.00 pass, which admits up to four adults to any National Park that charges an admission fee.

There are also several discount passes and free passes to US citizens and Permanent Residents for entry to all National Parks.  This just covers Muir Woods admission (and every other park), not any food etc. you may purchase inside the park. You have to buy them or pick them up in person at a park, and Muir Woods is a great place to do so.

You can get in for free if you are:

1.  Active Military, including activated Reserves and National Guard — The “America the Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Military Pass” gains you free Muir Woods admission.  You’ll need to present your military credentials, but it is free to you as a service member.  (And if this paragraph applies to you, please allow us to say, “Thank you very much for serving our country.”)

2.  Permanently Disabled — The “America the Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass” gives you free lifetime Muir Woods admission.  You’ll need to present documentation such as a statement by a licensed physician; a document issued by a Federal agency (e.g. Veteran’s Administration, Social Security Disability Income or Supplemental Security Income); or documents issued by a State agency (e.g. a vocational rehabilitation agency).  The pass is non-transferable.

3.  A National Parks Volunteer who has racked up 250 hours of service — The “America the Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Volunteer Pass” gets you into the National Parks free for one year from its date of being awarded to you, so that gives you free Muir Woods admission.

If you are 62 or Older — A one-time fee of $80 gives you a lifetime pass.

And don’t forget the separate Muir Woods Annual Pass described at the top of this page!

If you can’t get in for free you can still get a discount: The “America the Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Annual Pass” costs $80, but that’s a bargain if you take in a lot of parks with entrance fees in a year.

You can read all about the details and fine print behind these passes here.

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