Best Sausalito View Restaurants 2021

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What are the Best Sausalito View Restaurants?

Here’s our personal list of the best dining views in Sausalito, followed by a complete listing of all View Restaurants.  We base this chart solely on the views. You can cross-check for cuisine on our other restaurant lists. You’ll get a feel for the kinds of views we have from some of the scenes in the video below.

At the top of the page is a ranked list of our favorite view places. After that we have several other longer lists of view restaurants grouped by the specific kinds of views they offer.

Rank Name View Type
1 Spinnaker SF Skyline, Mt. Tam
2T Trident SF Skyline
2T Barrel House SF Skyline
4 Scoma’s Sausalito SF Skyline
5T Presidio Yacht Club Golden Gate Br, SF
5T Round House Cafe * Golden Gate Bridge
7 Murray Circle / Farley Bar Golden Gate Br, SF
8T Fish Harbor & Bay
8T Le Garage Harbor & Bay
8T Joinery Harbor & Bay
10T Venice Gourmet Deli Partial SF Skyline
10T Angelino Partial SF Skyline
12T Bar Bocce Harbor & Bay
12T Salito’s Crab House Harbor & Bay
12T Seafood Peddler Harbor & Bay

* The Round House Cafe is located next to the Toll Plaza on the San Francisco side of the Golden Gate Bridge, which we include here since the northern end of the Bridge is in Sausalito’s 94965 zip code.

Technically there are no restaurants with views of the ocean inside the town of Sausalito, since we’re located inside San Francisco Bay, though Murray Circle has views that are just inside the Golden Gate Bridge.


Traditional “Best Sausalito View” — Open Views of SF Bay

(Listed in alphabetical order)

Barrel House  (American, Bay Views)

Presidio Yacht Club  (American, views of the City and the best overall views of Golden Gate Bridge)

Round House Cafe *  (Great views of the Golden Gate Bridge from the Toll Plaza)

Scoma’s Sausalito  (Seafood, Bay Views)

Spinnaker (Seafood, Bay iews)

Trident  (Seafood, Bay Views)


“Partial Bay Views” in Sausalito 

Most of these restaurants have some tables with great views, but their orientation means we can’t classify the whole place in the same category with Full Bay Views.  Maybe it’s that they have only a few view tables, maybe they’re across the street from the water.  The best tables here, however, are often as good as the ones at the restaurants in the top section. (Listed in alphabetical order)

Angelino  (Italian, Some Bay Views) — Sidewalk seating across the street from the Bay

Murray Circle and Farley Bar (American, Some Bay Views) — Great views from their front porch tables  and from some tables in Murray Circle.

Sausalito Bakery and Cafe  (Breakfast & Lunch) — Sidewalk seating across the street from the Bay

Venice Gourmet Deli  (Deli) — Sidewalk seating across the street from the Bay

Venice Pizzeria  (Pizza) — Sidewalk seating across the street from the Bay


“Harbor Views” in Sausalito

We have friends who think that these are the best views in Sausalito.  These places are adjacent to harbors where sailboats and yachts are moored, so you see the boats in the foreground and the Bay in the background.  “Where would you sail in THAT one?” (Listed in alphabetical order)

Bar Bocce  (Italian, Casual, Harbor Views)

Fish  (Seafood, Casual, Harbor Views)

Le Garage  (French, Casual, Harbor Views)

Salito’s Crab House & Prime Rib  (Seafood, Bay Views)

Seafood Peddler  (Seafood, Harbor Views)


Don’t see a name you remember?  Sadly, it may be on our List of Restaurants That Have Closed or Changed Their Names.


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